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Bozal Mezcal All Day! New and Rare Bozal Mezcal Celebration!


Please join us at Gracia as we celebrate the many different varieties of Bozal Mezcal's. We will be featuring two brand new mezcal's from Bozal, Tepeztate and Chino Verde. Ony found in the wild Tepeztate agave takes at least 25 years before they can be harvested. The Chino verde is made in the ancestral style of hand crushing with wood mallets and distilled in 5 gallon pots. This mezcal is so rare that only a few bottles are available in Washington and Gracia will be one of the only places you can enjoy it.

We will have a discounted Bozal Mezcal Flight with Tepeztate, Borrego, and Chino Verde.
Two Discounted Bozal Ensamble cocktails.

Flight $30
Cocktail $ 12